Full day

Mountain Mountain Tour

Important information

Difficulty level

4 - Challenging




Without accommodation


4 100 m.a.s.l. (normal) - 5 200 m.a.s.l. (maximum)

Group Size

19 people (maximum)


5 - 15 °C

The 7-color Peru Mountain of “Wininkunka”, also known as Vinicunca Mountain of Colors is an incredible place that attracts more tourists every year to Cusco, and is the second most visited attraction, after Machu Picchu. Having recently become popular, there is a good reason why so many people pay to get to this beautiful place, the hill of the seven colors Vinicunca

We assure you that if you book with us you will not only pay the best price, but you will find the best experience in this location.

Did you know?

The slopes and the summit are dyed in various shades that include red, purple, green, yellow, pink and other variations. This tourist attraction was surrounded by ice not many years ago. Since 2016, this place receives hundreds of visitors a day, along with Machu Picchu, becoming one of the most visited places in Cusco-Peru.

before $40
Price $25 per person

Visit the Rainbow Mountain

RECOMMENDATION: For all those who love this adventure it is recommended to be at least 2 days in the city of Cusco in order to acclimatise yourself to the height issue. Remember that, although the walk is about 2 hours one way and 2 hours back if you are not well acclimatized you may have difficulties during the journey.

This Rainbow Mountain tour, starts very early with a departure from Cusco.

Our mobility will pick us up at the hotel according to the scheduled time and then we will go to the district of Cusipata which is approximately 77 kilometres away by bus for 2 hours, our breakfast will be in the community of Cusipata for a time of 30 minutes and then continue for approximately 1 hour in our mobility to the community of PHULAWASIPATA. From this point we will start our trek to the Rainbow Mountain – Vinicunca, the road will take us about 1 hour with 45 minutes to 2 hours of ascent until 5,100 meters. Already at the top our guide on the Rainbow Mountain tour will give us brief information of this beautiful natural formation. According to some geologists of the Geological Society of Peru, the Mountain of Vinicunca like many other mountains in the great Andes Mountains, was formed by the movement of the tectonic plates that raised the marine sediments to become impressive mountains.

On the other hand, the colour presented by Vinicunca is the result of the oxidation of some minerals due to erosion, humidity and other geological factors.

At some point in our history, the mountain was covered with blocks of ice. However, due to global warming and climate change, the ice disappeared and left in place this magical landscape that demonstrates the beauty and ecological fragility of planet Earth.

The colouring of the Rainbow Mountain, according to the studies of the deconcentrated Directorate of Culture of Cusco, is due to the following mineralogical composition:

The pink color is the red clay, fangolites (mud) and arilites (sand).

The Blanquecino is by quartz sandstone and marls, rich in calcium carbonate.

Red is composed of clays (iron) and clays belonging to the upper tertiary.

The green is due to the compound of phyllites and clays rich in magnesium ferro.

The earthy brown is a product of fanglomerate composed of rock with magnesium belonging to the Quaternary era.

And the mustard yellow colour is due to the presence of calcareous sandstones rich in sulphured minerals.

After receiving our information and time to visit the mountain and take our photos on our Rainbow Mountain tour we will take the same way back to our mobility and later return for 1 hour to the CUSIPATA district of PAUCARPATA community to have our lunch in our restaurant at 2:00 pm in order to have lunch. After enjoying lunch, we will commence our return trip to the city of Cusco. At 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm arrival at the square

Along the way we will be able to appreciate some South American camelids, settlers with their typical costumes and the change in the coloration of the mountains until we reach Vinicunca where we can enjoy the landscape of the entire Vilcanota mountain chain.


Tour commences: 4:00 am

Tour ends: 16:30 – 17:00 hrs

Duration: 1 day

Level of difficulty: Level 3

Type of trip: Trekking and ecological 

Maximum altitude: 5200 mts

  • Entrance to the Rainbow Mountain
  • Tour guide
  • Minivan transportation
  • Buffet lunch
  • Continental breakfast
  • Hiking poles
  • First aid kit
  • Cold drinks
  • Passport
  • Small backpack (For your water, camera, snacks etc.)
  • Light clothing, and jacket (As the weather can vary a lot and there is a lot of wind)
  • Hat for both the sun and the cold
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra money for extra expenses