4 days / 3 nights

Machupicchu Gold Tour

City tour + Machupicchu+ Montaña de Colores + traslado al aeropuerto.

Machupicchu Gold Tour

4 days / 3 nights
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Description of the days

Day 1 – City tour

Day 2 – Machupicchu

Day 3 – Mountain of Colors

Day 4 – transfer to the airport.

Description of places to visit

Day 1: City tour (Visit Qoricancha, Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Pukapukara, tambomachay.

Day 2: Visit to Machu Picchu and return to Cusco.

Day 3: Mountain of colors

Day 4: End of service

Altitud Máxima:

3,399 m.s.n.m.


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Machupicchu Gold Tour 4d/3N
$ 325.00
Per person

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Day 1.- City tour Cusco city

Around 13:30 hrs you will be picked up from your hotel so that you can make the City Tour in the city of Cusco, your first destination to visit will be the Temple of Qoricancha (golden venue), this place was one of the ceremonial centers most important for the Incas, in which the most important ceremonies were performed, at the same time it was used to keep the main idols they had as Gods.

After your visit to this important place, you will visit the second tourist place on the City Tour.

The second tourist place on this City Tour will be the Archaeological Center of Sacsayhuamán. The “ceremonial fortress” of Sacsayhuamán is, with its megalithic walls, the greatest architectural work that the Incas carried out during its heyday. From the fortress you can see a unique panoramic view of the surroundings, including the city of Cusco, in this place we will have a guided tour of approximately 50 min to be able to tour the entire area and take pictures calmly.

As a third place on the City Tour that we will visit in the city of Cusco is the ceremonial center of Qenqo (labyrinth) that receives this name in the Quechua language for its short and zigzagging passages, this is a very special place. In the Andean worldview, this huaca was built to evoke Kaypacha, the ancient serpent or origin of life. In addition, the ancient Peruvians used this site to communicate with other deities such as the sun, the mountain, the moon, the earth and the stars. Everything is arranged in a secret and magical way: the channels, the labyrinths, the amphitheater and the sacrificial room.

The fourth stop on this City Tour will be in Puca Pucara, this fortress was a control point for those who entered and left the city of Cusco, this place is made up of large walls, terraces and stairways that were part of the defensive complex of the city ​​of Cusco in particular and the Inca Empire in general.

The fifth and last destination to visit to finish this City Tour is called Tambomachay (Quechua: tampu mach’ay, ‘place of rest), it consists of an archaeological site that was destined for the worship of water and for the potentate of the Inca Empire I could rest. It consists of a series of aqueducts, channels and several waterfalls that run through the rocks. Highlight from this that, from a main waterfall, the Incas created two secondary waterfalls, which are exactly the same.

Once our entire tour is finished at approximately 6:30 p.m. Our bus will leave us at the midpoint of the city of Cusco a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas so that all tourists can go to their hotel independently.

Important information about the City tour

Tour start time: 13:30 hrs.

End of tour time: 6:30 p.m.

Duration: Half day (morning or afternoon)

Category: Cultural

Difficulty level: 1 Easy

Maximum Altitude: 3850 m.a.s.l. (Puca pucara)

Accommodation: Hotel of your choice

Recommendations to take to the tour:

Small Backpack (Water, Camera, snacks, etc)
Light clothing and a jacket (since the weather is changeable and there is a lot of wind)
Cap for sun and cold
Extra money for purchases and extra expenses.

DAY 2: Machupicchu Pueblo - Visit to the Inca citadel Machu Picchu

Our adventure tour to Machu Picchu from Cusco begins very early in the city of Cusco, Mobility will pass by the Hotel at approximately 03:30 to 04:00 am to transfer you to the Ollantaytambo train station, this trip lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes, during the tour we will have an impressive view of the landscape of the “Sacred Valley of the Incas and later we will arrive at Ollantaytambo. In this town we will take the train that will direct us to Aguas Calientes for a time of 1 hour and 40 minutes until we reach the Aguas Calientes town (arrival at this destination will depend on the train schedule purchased).

Upon our arrival at the Aguas Calientes train station on our tour to Machu Picchu from Cusco we will be greeted by a professional guide who will assist you to board the bus that will take you to the Citadel of Machu Picchu (duration of the trip 30 minutes), where your Guide will be waiting for you eager to share the knowledge of the magnificent construction of this citadel, It will be an unforgettable experience for a time of 2 hours. After the guided tour; You will enjoy free time to explore the area on your own and to relax or meditate and appreciate your time on this tour to Machu Picchu from Cusco.

At the appropriate time, it will be the descent by bus to the town of Aguas Calientes, where you will have the afternoon free to have lunch (not included) on your tour to Machu Picchu from Cusco and / or go to the hot springs of the town on your own, At sunset, according to the train ticket time, you must go to the Aguas Calientes train station to board the train that will take you back to the town of Ollantaytambo, where our staff will be waiting to take you to the mobility that will finally return you. To the city of Cusco leaving them at the hotel they have booked and thus we will finish our tour to Machu Picchu of Cusco full day.

Important information about the tour to Machupicchu

Tour start time: 3:00 (if our train leaves at 5:00) or we will leave at 4:30 (if our train leaves at 6:40)

End of tour time: If you take the train back at 2:55 p.m. your arrival time will be 7:00 p.m. and if your return is at 2:30 p.m. your arrival in Cusco will be 6:30 p.m.

Duration: 1 day.

Category: Cultural

Difficulty level: 2 regular

Route: By train (Ollantaytambo – Machupicchu town) and by car (Cusco – Ollantaytambo)

Departures: Every day

Day 3.- Mountain of Colors (Peru)

Visit To Mountain Of Seven Colors

RECOMMENDATION: All lovers of this adventure are recommended to stay at least 2 days for acclimatization in Cusco due to the altitude. Remember that although the walk is around 2 hours out and 2 hours back if you are not well acclimatized you can have difficulties during the journey.

This Seven Colors Mountain tour starts very early with the departure from Cusco.

Our mobility will pick us up at the hotel at the scheduled time and then we will go to the Cusi pata district, which is approximately 77 kilometers away. By bus for 2 hours our breakfast will be in the community of Cusi pata for a time of 30 minutes and then continue for approximately 1 hour more on our mobility to the community of PHULAWASIPATA. From this point we will start our walk towards the Mountain of Seven Colors – Vinincunca, the path will take us about 1 hour to 30 minutes, up to the mountain at 5,100 meters above sea level.

Once at the top, our Seven Colors Mountain Tour Guide will give a brief information about this beautiful natural formation.

According to some geologists from the Geological Society of Peru, the Vinincunca mountain, like many other mountains in the great Cordillera de los Andes was formed by the movement of tectonic plates that raised marine sediments to impressive mountains.

On the other hand, the coloration that Vinincunca presents is the result of the oxidation of some minerals due to the action of erosion, humidity and other geological factors.

At some point in our history, the mountain was covered with blocks of ice: it was a snowy mountain. However, due to the effects of global warming and climate change, the ice disappeared and left in its place this magical landscape that shows us the ecological beauty and fragility of planet Earth.

After receiving our information and time to visit the mountain and take our photos on this Mountain of Seven Colors tour we will take the same way back to our mobility and later return for 1 hour to the district of CUSIPATA, community of PAUCARPATA to be able to have our lunch in our restaurant. 2:00 pm a We will have lunch. 2:00 pm. We begin the return to the city of Cusco. 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm arrival at the plaza.

Important information about the Mountain of Colors tour:

Tour start time: 4:00 hrs.

End of tour time: 16:30 – 17:00 hrs.

Duration: One day

Difficulty level: Moderate

Altitude: 5200 m.a.s.l.

Type of trip: Trekking and Ecological

Recommendations to take to the tour:

Small Backpack (Water, Camera, snacks, etc)
Light clothing and a jacket (since the weather is changeable and there is a lot of wind)
Cap for sun and cold
Extra money for purchases and extra expenses.

DAY 4.- Transfer to the airport End of service

On this day a representative of Sakura Expedition in coordination with you will take you to the airport / finish.

Tour summary
places to visit

Día 1: Valle Sagrado vip (visita chinchero, Moray, Salineras, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo).

Al término de la actividad tomara el tren con dirección hacia Machupicchu. Donde pasara la noche.

Día 2: Visita a Machu Picchu y retorno a Cusco.

Día 3: Montaña de colores

Día 4: Fin del servicio

  • What does the tour include

City tour

  • (bus, guide, income)

Macchu Picchu

  • Round trip train service expedition Ollantaytambo – Machupicchu – Ollantaytambo.
    Bus up Aguas Calientes – Machupicchu
    Entrance to Machupicchu + Machupicchu Museum

Mountain of colors

  • (guide, entrance, breakfast, lunch, transportation).

Transfer to the Airport in Cusco

  • Service monitoring.
  • What does not include the tour
  • Food not specified
    Bus down from Machupicchu – Aguas Calientes (optional)
    Hotel nights in Cusco (We recommend the following)
Machupicchu Gold Tour 4d/3N
$ 325.00
Per person

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