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Cusco city

Cusco, the beautiful modern metropolitan that used to be a thriving Inca city. With structures throughout this town since the time of the Incas, it has now become a thriving metropolitan city, one of the most visited by tourists in the world who want to capture a view of the majestic citadel of Machu Picchu. With incredible man-made structures, as well as natural wonders, such as the Vinicunca Mountain, better known as Mountain of seven colors. Those are just two of the many places that this amazing city has to offer; With little view of Cusco diminishing, this place will begin to become more popular as time goes by.

For the vast majority of tourists, their goal is to visit Machu Picchu. With the option of taking the train or bus to the location, depending on your budget, there are few excuses for not being able to reach the Wonder of the World. With the Cusco Hydroelectric bus, which leaves at 7 am, you have your questions answered on how to get from Cusco to Hidroelectrica, which is an easy way to reach on foot the small town of Machu Picchu known as Aguas Calientes. The price of the bus from Cusco to Hydroelectric is 80 soles return ticket per person, the most efficient option for travelers who are on a limited budget. Although this option may be a bit awkward for some, with 7 hours on the road and then another 2 hours on foot, you can choose to go to Machu Picchu by train. With the train option as a more traditional option, you can embark on a full-day tour to Machu Picchu, perfect for those who find themselves with little time. Inca Rail schedules are from 7:00 a.m. at 22:00 p.m., if you want to buy your tickets in person.

The second most popular attraction in Cusco is the famous Seven Colors Mountain of Vinicunca. What is Vinicunca? Having been discovered recently, this incredible mountain was called Vinicunca, which in Quechua means Rainbow Mountain due to its beautiful variety of colors that have been produced naturally from the minerals in the mountains that have been exposed due to climate change that recently It is affecting our planet on a stronger level. With around 2000 daily visitors, it is becoming an increasingly popular attraction every year.

Cusco is not just about Machu Picchu. The city itself is full of an incredible history, with remains of the Incas throughout the city. A Cusco City Tour is the perfect way to spend time inside the city learning a lot about the city’s rich past. Opt for a bus or a walking tour to emerge in the past of this thriving modern city, the perfect way to make the most of your time within the city of the Incas.

With an abundance of beauty in this city of Peru, you will never find yourself struggling to find things to do. With a lot of history, culture, gastronomy, vitality and, in addition to all the incredible citizens that reside in this place, you will quickly fall in love with everything here. Don’t waste your time choosing your next travel destination Cusco is the place to be!

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