Puno City

Synonymous with Lake Titicaca, one of the largest lakes in South America and being the highest navigable body of water in the world, this small Peruvian town that borders Bolivia, is a place with a large number of tourists who visit throughout the year. With a population of 128,637 inhabitants in Puno, it is only a short 8-hour bus ride from the city of Cusco, and it is definitely worth spending a few days immersed in the city’s unique atmosphere, culture and heritage.

With a strong influence of the Aymara people in this region of Peru, you can spend time learning about their customs and traditions. The people who inhabit the floating islands of the Uros still speak their mother tongue widely. The Uru traded with the Aymara tribe on the continent, married them and finally abandoned the Uru language, choosing to speak the Aymara language. About 500 years ago they lost their original language. Now, there are tours so you can spend time with them, learning about their way of life and their traditions on a tour of their town.

With Lake Titicaca as the main attraction of Puno, connecting Bolivia and Peru through its current, however, there is a great variety of other activities to fill your time. Several museums, such as the fascinating exhibition of the German painter, Carlos Dreyer, can be found in Puno. In addition to enjoying a little culture, enjoy a moment of relaxation in the Plaza de Armas of the city center, a beautiful and small place to enjoy the calm atmosphere and the cool weather.

The city of Puno is one of the coldest regions of Peru, but if you want to enjoy the most pleasant climates that this location offers, the hottest months are October, November and December. These are the best months to enjoy the lovely atmosphere and the best side of the city. Although, during the nights, the weather becomes quite cold throughout the year, so it is recommended that you bring thick clothes on your trip. The rest of the year, the weather can be very cold even throughout the day, with the sun shining in the sky, so you need to come prepared.

With its proximity to Cusco, it is very practical to be able to travel here and experience the beauty of Machu Picchu by bus (), including the breathtaking views of the 7 color Mountain Vinicunca. Do not miss the opportunity to do a Cusco city tour if you want to learn as much as possible about the birthplace of the Incas. Puno is much quieter than the highly touristic and active environment that Cusco has become.

Puno is an amazing place located in Peru, with a unique atmosphere that will definitely open your eyes to a new world. It will be an experience that you will not easily forget, since you can interact with the locals and spend a very traditional time on the island, and can teach you a lot about the differences that this small place in Peru has to offer.

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