lima capital del peru

Ciudad de Lima

The capital of Peru, Lima, is thriving both during the day and at night. Breathing the ocean air while emerging in the rich cuisine, history and culture that this city has to offer is a wonderful and relaxing way to spend time and forget about traffic. Being the fifth largest city in America, with a population of 9.7 million citizens and 154 meters above sea level, this is the main scale for tourists heading to start their adventure in Cusco.

This constantly growing metropolitan city is not a popular place for many, simply a place to rest for a couple of days before embarking on your quest to discover the incredible view of Machu Picchu. However, with a rich influence of the Inca empire and the Wari civilization, you can find many things to occupy your time.

Being home to some of the best gastronomies in the world, as well as the best restaurants in the world, this is a paradise for food lovers. It will fill your stomachs with the best of the best when it comes to food. Therefore, when planning your vacation in this place, be sure to come with a lot of appetite, because you will need it!

Lima is a city with a lot of division, between the rich and the financially unstable. You will see a great change between the districts during your time there. The safest and most tourist places are Miraflores, Barranco and San Isidro. However, the Historic Center of Lima has a lot of life, as well as history and a mixture of old and new architecture. A completely different environment than the coastal districts mentioned above.

The city of Lima is often ignored by many tourists; It is only a gateway for your adventure in Cusco, but this city should not be ignored. This thriving place has many hidden treasures throughout the city, which you will discover and soon fall in love. With a lot of nightlife, there is an incredible atmosphere that takes over the city. Bars and discos abound, especially in the bohemian district of Barranco. With a lot of artists and painters residing in this place, you will surely feel the relaxed and contagious atmosphere you have. That does not mean that Miraflores and San Isidro do not have an incredible atmosphere, however, I do not think it is as relaxed as Barranco, but more structured.

Your arrival in Lima is the perfect opportunity to plan your trip to Ollantaytambo Machu Picchu, just like Vinicunca mountain of colors, or if you want to take an alternative routine, visit the mountain of colors of Palccoyo instead You will have the opportunity to discover the perurail prices, in its store in San Isidro or Miraflores, just like pagian web just like buying your income before flying to Cusco, then you will have less stress once you arrive at your destination. You can also ask them how long the train from Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu lasts, just like other questions you would have. Buying your income from Machu Picchu is easy, as you have the option to buy it through its website.

If you are ever planning a trip to Peru, and you think Lima is not worth your time, it is only worth a simple stopover of a few days, then you must reassess your decision because this city is not a place that can be discovered in 2- 3 days but much longer than that. It is a city that is able to steal your heart and open your mind.

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