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We renew our objectives and image while maintaining the quality of service that characterizes us.

In Sakura Expedition we have the sole objective of offering alternative tours to teach our clients the beauty that Peru has to offer, as we support remote villages to develop using our alternative routes, in all our programs there is an option tailored to your needs …

The best destinations in Peru

In Sakura Expedition we believe that Peru is filled with marvellous locations, it is for this reason that we offer tours to the most important cities in Peru. On our tours you will be able to enjoy the cool waters of the beaches of Lima, witness the modernity as well as the history of the Capital city of Peru, you will also be able to enjoy the architecture and friendliness of the people in the White City of Arequipa. From the Peruvian coast you will travel to the Mountain Ranges in order to make the most of marvellous places such as Machu Picchu, you can also enjoy the exclusive natural beauty that this part of Peru has to offer, as you arrive at the border with Bolivia you will experience incredible places such as Lake Titicaca in Puno. All of these locations make Peru the best choice for your vacation. 

Enjoy our recommendations
in order to arrive at Machu Picchu

At Sakura Expedition we dedicate ourselves to offer unforgettable moments that is why we offer you complete tour packages so that you are able to enjoy the adventure and the nature in a tour of various days until you arrive at the wonder of Peru, take a look at all our options that we have for you:

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The Inca Trail to Machupicchu is the most popular route among tourists who love trekking. The total distance is 45 km and takes 4 days or you can also do it in 2 days, including a 1-day visit to Machu Picchu. Trekking among breathtaking scenery with views of snow-capped mountains, the cloud forest and beautifully preserved archeological centers is an unforgettable experience.

Discover Peru with our Programmes

We know the importance of having a good time, for that reason we offer the tours of the best kind so that you can enjoy yourself on your visit to Peru. 

$ 280.00
City tour + Machu Picchu
$ 325.00
Machupicchu Gold Tour
City tour + Machupicchu+ Montaña de Colores - 4D/3N
$ 358.00
Enchanting Machu Picchu Tour
Valle Sagrado VIP + Machupicchu + Montaña de Colores -4D/3N
$ 385.00
Machupicchu Inca Tour
City tour + Valle Sagrado + Machupicchu + Montaña - 5D/4N
$ 410.00
Machupicchu Cusco Tour
City tour + Valle Sagrado VIP + Machupicchu + Laguna ...
$ 459.00
Magnificent Peru Tour
Valle sagrado + Machu picchu + Puno Lago titicaca...
$ 290.00
Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu
Valle Sagrado + Machu Picchu

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We know the importance of having a good time, for this reason we count with a professional team committed to improving day to day. To make your experience in the city of Cusco an unforgettable one.

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