History of the company

Sakura Expedition is a unique enterprise in the Andes. Offering alternative tours with the sole objective of teaching our clients the beauty that Peru has, likewise supporting remote villages to develop, utilizing alternative routes. Our elaborate programs permit us to accommodate to every type of passenger, including our passengers who are on a budget, within all these programs there are some which fit to your needs. 

Sakura Expedition is an enterprise which is based in Cusco, Peru. Represented by Nelly Ccolqque, born in Cusco. A young hard-working woman since she finished secondary school at 16 years of age, she has dedicated to work in order to succeed. At 18 years of age she took the decision to study Tourism, curating her career since she grated as an Official Tour Guide. She began her work in the tourism sector, in prestigious travel agencies in order to require more knowledge within this manner she dedicated herself to being a tour guide for adventure, trekking, cultural tours as well as many more. 

At the beginning of her career she noticed that all foreign as well as national tourists would arrive in Peru with the sole objective to visit Machu Picchu, but due to economic reasons many of them do not visit, therefore she noted that there are many villages that do not benefit with tourism and for this reason we have found new convenient alternative routes to travel through in order to be able to visit this marvelous part of the world, utilizing transport in order to help develop these neighbouring villages of the city of Cusco. 

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Principles and values of the company


To be a renowned enterprise and leader at a macro regional level in the southern region of the tourism sector. 


To provide an excellent service of excellent quality meeting the necessary expectations towards our clients. 

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tour a laguna humanaty

For Sakura Expedition the labor relations with their workers, their contractors, clients as well as groups is very important, from here they build a base of the mutual relations and they have to distinguish themselves by their own principles as well as the values of the company. These fundamental premises of conduct establish and consolidate conceptually in our company’s politics:

  • Punctuality
  • Confidence 
  • Transparency
  • Quality of service 
  • Team work

Main service operations
Sakura Expedition

  • MachuPicchu by car
  • Transport from Cusco to Hidroelectrica 
  • Rainbow Mountain
  • Laguna Humantay
camino hacia Machupicchu by car
camino hacia Machupicchu
tour a laguna humanaty

Our Partners

We have the best team, under the leadership of two amazing women, committed to improve day by day to offer a quality service.

Nelly Ccolqque
General Manager
Berta Ccolqque
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Maria van Straaten
Attention to the client
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Alicia Quispe
Attention to the client
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Constantino Gutierrez
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Abel Conde
Web Master
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equipo de trabajo sakura expedition
Guillermo Gonzales

Licenses and permits

In Sakura Expedition we have all the permits and licenses required to be a reliable and accredited company in the city of Cusco – Peru.


Municipalidad provincial del Cusco

Having fulfilled the requirements to obtain the operating license, according to the framework law of operating license Law No. 28976, the certificate was granted to the company Sakura Expedition.


Gobierno Regional Cusco

The Sakura Expedition travel agency located on Calle Garcilaso 265 – 1 Cusco – Cusco – Cusco. It has met all the requirements in accordance with Supreme Decree No. 004-2016 MINCETUR, as a travel and tourism agency.


Municipalidad provincial del Cusco

The executing body of the technical inspection of building safety, in compliance with the provisions of the D.S. N ° 058-2014-PCM, has approved the technical safety inspection in buildings.